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We Take Over Mortgage Payments & Houses
Welcome to Take Over My Mortgage Payments.com
We understand and know what many homeowners are going through. You might have lost your job, had a reduction in income, divorce, relocation, etc. 

The problem is you can't sell your home under current market conditions. Your property is worth less than your mortgage loan (upside down mortgage or underwater mortgage situation ). 

Perhaps your mortgage lender or bank won't modify your mortgage for a more comfortable payment. A short sale of your property will have you owing your lender and damage whatever credit you have left. 

You don't want the hassles of being a landlord (tenants from hell, tenant evictions, property maintenance & repairs). 

Perhaps you're paying for a mortgage you want to get out of. Maybe you're paying for two mortgages, where you live and the empty one. 

Wouldn't it be nice to keep that money in your bank account or your pocket to do as you please?

If any of the above fits your situation then our Mortgage Relief Program will allow us to takeover your mortgage payment and property and you can move on.

We're privately owned and founded Mortgage Relief Solutions in 2001. We started in Real Estate Investing and evolved into a full-service company with expertise in taking over mortgage payments and property management for homeowners. Today we successfully manage properties all across the United States. 

We provide services that enable homeowners to keep that monthly mortgage payment in their pockets or bank account. We take over the mortgage payment and the house and the former homeowner moves on. Simple. Not complex. 

We encourage and tell all who inquire about our services to make sure that you first have exhausted all other means to solve their current mortgage and house situation. If the other alternatives have not worked out or make no financial sense then we are here for you as a final alternative only via our Mortgage Relief Program.

The current economic environment is unprecedented in our lifetime, leading many to default on their mortgage or seriously consider it as a last alternative. There are two types of defaults that are occurring at rapid rates throughout the country: Economic default and strategic default. We help homeowners on either type of potential default. 

READ THIS BEFORE YOU WALKAWAY --> http://underwaterorupsidedownmortgage.blogspot.com/

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We take over mortgage payments today! www.TakeOverMyMortgagePayments.com
We take over mortgage payments today! www.TakeOverMyMortgagePayments.com
We Take Over Mortgage Payments & Houses...Today!
We'll take over mortgage payments for the total balance on your mortgage, even if you owe more than what the property is worth (upside down mortgage) Locally and Nationwide

We offer immediate Mortgage Relief and financial stress relief related to an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage and house
 Strategic default? Walking away from mortgage? Take over your mortgage payments?
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